The exquisite collection of around 35,000 coins that the late Lance Dane bequeathed to the Hinduja Foundation is one of the most extensive in the world. Come explore the collection and learn more about the fascinating stories that transcend time.

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From some of the earliest objects created by humankind to works by contemporary artists, discover our wide-ranging collection featuring folk bronzes, miniature seals and sealings, wooden items and terracottas. Some of these objects are available for public viewing for the very first time!

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Four Armed Seated Ganesh
Standing Ganesh "Lambodar"
Shiva Panchayatana
Junglee Cat
Varkari Devotee
Junglee-Seated two Priests
Seated Kartikeya
Kapala (Nepalese Demi God)
A Napalese Yantra
Khandoba as Jatadhari /Triputi Gandh
Krishna as Kaliyamardan
Junglee- Two Hunters
Laddoo Gopal
Junglee-Kokani God
Standing Bufallo
Gutka/Shiksha Patri
Sri Uttaradhyayana Sutra
Thanjavur Work
Bagamati-Queen of Golkonda
Erotic with Snakes
Ganesha with Shiva Parvati
Jeetam (in Brahmi)
Rudrasenasa (in Brahmi )
Auspicious Symbols on Tablet
Rama with Bow and Arrow
Buddha in Dhyani Mudra (Copy)
Seated Nandi
Pregnant Lady
Tree with Divine Fruit and Flower
Mother Goddess , Flanked by Geese
A Devotee Wearing Chivar
Shiva (?)
a Yakshi (female nature spirit)
Yaksha (?)
Male wearing Kundala and Turban
Bust of a Greek Man

Our collection of more than 3000 rare books from different disciplines spans ancient and modern Indian Art, architecture, numismatics, archaeology, history, religion, heritage, bronze art, folk and tribal art, painting, photography and erotica. More than 2000 journals and periodicals of ASI, JNSI, IIRNS, Pragdhara, coin and antiquities catalogues of famous auction houses like Sotheby's, Christie's, Spinks etc. are also part of this collection. The collection is preserved in good condition and is rare to be found under one roof.

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Indian Art Treasures-Suresh Neotia Collection
Heritage of Metallic Art of Gujarat
Lalta Venezia
Apsaras of Khajuraho
Company Paintings
The Life of form in Indian Sculpture
The Development of Imperial Gupta Brahmi Script
Coinage, Trade and Economy
Numismatic Journals
Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization
Ritual Art of India
Christie's Amsterdam -Important Hindu and Buddhist art - Auction Catalogue
Different Auction Catalogues
Masterpieces of Mathura Museum
Sadhus- Holy men of India
A Dictionary of Hinduism
The World of Buddhism
Bibliography of Indian Art and Archaeology

The photo archives in our collection are a valuable record of Indian art and coinage photographed by Lance Dane all over India and abroad, including in private collections, museums and trade. They are broadly divided into five categories:

  • Folk Heritage
  • Numismatic Collections
  • Museum Antiquities
  • Art and Architecture of India
  • Landscapes

Explore our Photo Archives

Pandava Leni Caves, Nashik, Maharashtra
Ramanathaswami Temple, Rameshwaram
Ratha Complex, Mahabalipuram
Victoria Memorial, Kolkata
Sea shore temple of Mahabalipuram, Tamilnadu
Ornamented Pillar, Southern India
Temple Complex, Karnataka
Relief on a toran of Sanchi stupa-Madhya Pradesh
Greek Warrior, Kashmir
Nagaraja, Badami, Karnataka
Ravana shaking Kailasa, Kailasa Temple, Ellora