More relics from Buddhist era found in Hazaribag’s Gadokhar area 11 Apr, 2021 PNS

There are indications that several old relics along with ancient statues are being found near Karbala next to the Chhadwa Dam in Gadokhar in Hazaribagh district. Retired teacher Haji Uddin Khan gave this information while talking to media persons on Saturday.

Some days earlier Gadokhar was in the news for the same reason as some Buddhist sculpture belonging to the ancient era found in the area after excavation.

Khan said that many times he has been trying to attract the attention of social and political parties as well as administrative officials and the Government but these days, when Buddhist sculptures and ancient relics are constantly being received in Baharanpur, the villagers of Gadokhar have also started demanding a dig in this area.

On Saturday, a team of intellectuals from Hazaribagh reached Gadokhar, They included Sajid Ali, Umesh Pratap, Dr RC Prasad Mehta, Jamshed Khan, Sanjay Paswan and others.

The ruins of an old building are visible on the five-acre plot. In such a situation, demand is being made, if excavation is done here then also the remains can be obtained from here.

The 75-year-old retired teacher of Balokand of Gadokhar Panchayat, Haji Mansooruddin Khan, said in this context that this place has been very historic. "This place has a very old connection with history. During the Buddhist period, the road to go to Varanasi used to pass through Katkamsandi," he added.

The Hazaribagh-Katkamasandi road was known as old Varanasi Road in ancient times. Pedestrians going from Cuttack to Varanasi used this route and Bahoranpur is also located on the old road.

It is noted that the tourism department of the State is already developing neighbouring district Chatra as Buddhist pilgrimage now finding the relics in Hazaribagh is emerging as a new Buddhist pilgrimage in the State, which can invite foreign tourists in large numbers in the State.

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