Coins of Satavahana Period

RBI Monetary Museum, Mumbai

09 Oct 2018 - 08 Dec 2018

An exhibition of 102 selected coins of Satvahana period of the Hinduja Foundation Antiquity Collection was inaugurated for public viewing on 9th October 2018 at a special event at the RBI Monetary Museum in Mumbai, by Mr. B.P. Kanungo, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. The Deputy Governor, Smt. Parvathi Sundaram, Executive Director, RBI, Mr. Paul Abraham (Hinduja Foundation Antiquity Committee member) and Brig. H. Chukerbuti (Exec. Vice President) unveiled the display cases. Mr. Paul Abraham described to Mr. Kanungo the unique features of some of the coins.

More than 4,000 visitors, visited during period of exhibition